Originality is dead.

Hi, my name is Kristen. I'm 17. I'm from North Carolina. I'm in love. I'm an open book.

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My baby and me ❤️
Missing my baby right now quite a bit..
I love Zane’s shirts the most when he is so far away. 😭
Just saw janelle in Ross..! I’m seriously freaking out and omg I can’t even right now. WHAT. #teenmom #janelle
Headed for the beach finally with mom 💜
Mann I forgot to include this one, love this girl too of course 💁😍
Glad I got to see @purplekissed tonight 😊 even though she hates me, I love her 😍
By far the best of my day! 😊 it was so so great to hear from my brother, he hasn’t been gone long but reading this almost brought me to tears, I can’t wait to see Trent! ❤️