Originality is dead.

Hi, my name is Kristen. I'm 17. I'm from North Carolina. I'm in love. I'm an open book.

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Not too old of a picture but I wanted to post one of me and my best friend! I hate couples that say they’re in love when they don’t even know what that really means. I will never be able to express my amount of love for you Zane, I will give you endless loyalty, honestly, hugs and kisses, I’ll take care of you when you’re sick, I’ll hold your hand when you cry baby. I’ll do it all. I can’t wait for our forever. It’s me and you against the world. #tb
It’s definitely been a lazy day for me and this little guy today 😴💆🐶
drive thru guy: bye have a nice day
me: bye i love you



girl are u my mom because u are number 1 in my life

please dont ever use this pickup line

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Say hello to my new puppy fitch 😍 #teacup
Happy birthday baby girl! I love you so much and I’m so thankful for you and our friendship 💋 I hope you have a great day!
Guess who’s back! 💁 so glad to have finally been reunited with one of my best friends, i love you autumn! 😏💋